What About Meat

Men with a plate of meat
This is not me 🙂

I am trying to cut down but to be honest I am a meat lover. I know that there are people who claim and probably have proof that you can live a healthy life by just eating vegetables

I still think, and I read that somewhere, that you need meat to get some animal protein in your system. It seems that you need that.

I have not written here a lot but I do believe that I mentioned that I love to cook outdoors on the grill or smoker that I have.

Okay, back to the subject of this article before I lose track of what I wanted to write about. What about the meat I called it and there is a reason for it.

I like to visit my local butcher store for about all the meat that I grill and cook. Indoors and outdoors. I am a firm believer that a specialized store like my butcher can offer me better quality meat. He knows or pretends, to know where it is coming from.

But lately with all the problems in the world with that virus he has not been open for a while and now he had limited opening hours and the last time I was there his assortment was a little lower than it just to be there.

How I Solved the meat problem.

I am a member of several Facebook groups where we talk back and forth about grilling, methods to cook, and more tips and advice we give each other.

I noticed that I was no the only one who had problems with buying meat and many of the members were shifting to buying meat online.

There are, however, just like in normal stores good and not so good stores. I will not say bad, because I believe that none of them are bad.

The one that stood out was Crowd Cow and one member had a tip read this crowd cow review and you can read more about this meat delivery service.

I decided to give it a try and ordered some of the more standard meat like hamburger meat and some affordable pork chops.

I was not expecting too much of it since it was compared to my regular butcher pretty affordable. I am used to much higher prices.

The ordering process was pretty easy and straightforward. I am always a little nervous to use my credit card online but since this online butcher has been around a long time I did it anyway.

When the meat arrived I was home and could not wait to open the package and see how it looked. I was surprised by how solid frozen it still was. And actually a little disappointed because I wanted to cook some that day.

So, I had to wait another day before I could slap some on the grill and taste it. I decided to just cook a simple hamburger to see how that taste would be. I just added a little pepper and salt like I usually do.

The taste was great and was not lesser than the ground beef I buy at my butcher store. Actually, it was a little juicier than I am used to.

This tasting made me decide to start trying more online meat stores. Although I think that it is hard to top the quality of the Crowd Cow company.

Come back to read more about my Journey.

Robert Alegria

Robber Alegria is an experienced home cook and likes to share his knowledge here on the Linwood Grill website and hopes that you can benefit from his experience and tips. You can read more about him here