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We are all confronted with the reality of the fact that buying food in regular stores has changed significantly. The days that we just walked into a store without even thinking of it are over.

If it ever will return to what we used to know is a question I can’t answer, but I sure hope so. I miss those days although it is just a few months ago.

I wrote in this article about how I changed my way of buying meat and that I started ordering more online. I just realized that I mentioned a Crowd Cow review there and I found another on a website that I had heard of before here is the link if you like to read more about the Crowd Cow company

What have changed

There are several changes I have made and the ones I use when I go to visit my local grocery store are the ones that everyone should make in my opinion.

I wear a mask and I keep my social distance. I live in a small town so you always run into someone you know when you walk in the grocery store and that makes it hard for me to keep my distance.

Once a month I go and visit the Walmart in a bigger town about 20 miles down the road and I try to be there around 8 in the morning so it is still very quiet there.

This is how I try to stay safe in this weird world we are living in right now.

More online shopping

I also shifted to buying more online and although I never did that too much I am getting used to it and even see some advantages.

Although, as I mentioned before, I like to go to my local store I am starting to enjoy shopping online more. Here are the reasons I am starting to like it more.

  • Shop on my time.
  • More choices.
  • Easy price comparison.
  • Home delivery.

There are also some things that are not as positive of course and a few of them are this.

  • Shipping cost.
  • Waiting for delivery.

Of the pros I mentioned above I have to say that shopping on my time is the one I appreciate the most. It seems that my time is always limited and this fact makes it possible for me to even shop while I just have a little time.

More Research

I also am doing more research to find out what other food items I can order on the internet. Especially the items that are a little harder to find in my local or area stores.

As a home cook, some people call me Chef, I am always on the lookout for new ingredients and cooking gadgets. Those are hard to find in my neck of the woods and I am not willing to visit bigger cities just for that purpose.

I found that these types of things are very easy to find online and there are even stores that specialize in spices from different countries all over the world.

sign with the word future on it.

My take

All together I strongly believe that the world will probably never go back to the way it was before this whole pandemic and we have to be ready for many changes in the coming time.

That is the reason I am investing more time to find my favorite webshops where I can easily find and order the items I like to use.

If you have an opinion or an experience you like to share here let me know.

Stay Safe.

Robert Alegria

Robber Alegria is an experienced home cook and likes to share his knowledge here on the Linwood Grill website and hopes that you can benefit from his experience and tips. You can read more about him here