Growing Your Own Vegetables

garden with spade in it

Growing the vegetables you eat is a job with financial and emotional benefits.

On the one hand, it is an activity that promotes good physical and mental health. The hours fixing a garden represent moments of concentration in an activity. This helps to disperse the mind. And it requires physical effort when tilling the land, lifting compost bags, among other exercises.

To those benefits are added the savings. Do the math: a tomato-free one, which is one of the most widely used vegetables, is worth an average of $ 1.77. If you buy four tomato plants for $ 15, they will give you about 120 pounds, which means that each pound will cost you 25 $.

That comparison applies to chili peppers, peppers, broccoli, lettuce, and even cilantro, with the advantage that you can harvest what you need for the day, without worrying about the freshness of the vegetables or being forced to throw food away.

Growing at home can also be healthier as you avoid eating foods with pesticides. If you are looking into other options you can read my post about online resources for food and see if that works better for you.

Where To Grow

If you live in a house, use the yard or garden to cultivate. You can build grow beds to separate the vegetables. A compost bag has a value of $ 10-12 dollars, but there are places that give away the compost. You only need to search the internet for “free compost” in the area you reside.

If you live in apartments, try to open space near a window that receives a lot of sunlight. A few good pots are enough. Some people get to have lemon trees.

And if it has a balcony, so much the better. You can grow herbs and even a zucchini if ​​you have space and a large pot.

The other alternative is to find a community garden in your neighborhood. There you can request to grow in one of the boxes for an annual price. They are good because he meets other gardeners and learns tricks, in addition to trading.

You can have vegetables most of the year with an investment of between $ 30 and $ 100 dollars.


The care when having a garden at home is really minimal. You should only take into account placing the crop in any part of the house where it receives at least four hours of sun a day, in addition to ensuring that the place is ventilated.

The Right Balance

It must have a relative humidity, you take a handful of dirt and squeeze it, and if it doesn’t fall off, it means it has the correct humidity; and on the contrary, if you do it and drops come out, it is very wet, and there you have to put more leaves or soil. And finally, if when you take the fist of earth it falls apart, it means that it is very dry and you have to put water in it, that is how you check the humidity.

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My take

Although growing your own vegetables and herbs can be very rewarding and make what you eat taste better. It is also important to take in consideration that it is not free.

You will have to invest sometimes a niche chunk of money to get started.

Robert Alegria

Robber Alegria is an experienced home cook and likes to share his knowledge here on the Linwood Grill website and hopes that you can benefit from his experience and tips. You can read more about him here