Making wine at home on a budget

Making your own wine yourself is a fascinating business. You will be amazed: it is much easier than you think. First of all, you will find out here which accessories you need to make your own wine. After the preparation, we will give you instructions that will accompany you step by step through to your …

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Making it more personal

Our 2 cats give us a lot of laughs and joy. Here you can read more about them and how they found their private place to sleep and nap.

Growing Your Own Vegetables

Growing the vegetables you eat is a job with financial and emotional benefits. On the one hand, it is an activity that promotes good physical and mental health. The hours fixing a garden represent moments of concentration in an activity. This helps to disperse the mind. And it requires physical effort when tilling the land, …

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How To Keep It Personal

It is so much nice to keep all your presents more personal, It is just not easy find the right resources. You can follow my journey here.

Online Resources for Food

Buying food online is done more then ever since the beginning of this year and it will change the way we shop maybe for ever. Some tips!